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Post Frame Buildings

What are the benefits?

Time Efficient

From site preparation to project completion, construction times are very short for post frame building, which cuts down on labor costs. Post-frame column spacing is very wide, typically between 8 and 12 feet, and thus the crew spends less time installing fewer structural members. Many light commercial buildings are completed in 90-120 days.

Cost Effective

Post frame construction is a cost effective option because it requires fewer materials, less expensive components, and less construction time than comparable methods. The cost of post frame construction is generally lower because it requires limited wall and roof framing materials, and minimal footing and foundation materials.

Low Maintenance

Post frame buildings require very little maintenance when compared with other structures. Condensation accumulation is nearly eliminated with the design methods of post frame construction. Due to the durability of the materials used, and the strength of post frame design and foundation, little to no maintenance is required on post frame buildings.

Built to Last

Post frame buildings have consistently outperformed many other structures, particularly in the area of durability. The diaphragm design used in post-frame building allow for the building components to work together to transfer lateral loads to the foundation, providing greater stability under conditions such as wind and snow.